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Whether you’re looking to fill a new toolbox or simply pick up a useful addition, find innovative new products that make big and small jobs easier—from power tools to hand tools and all the little fix-its in between.
286 Item(s)
286 Item(s)

Must-have basics that work smarter, not harder Swap out a few basic tools for upgraded alternatives, and you'll make any DIY-er smile. 

  • Every do-it-yourselfer knows the power of the humble staple gun, but old-school manual staple guns haven't come very far in the last few decades. Upgrade the experience with a no-kickback staple gun that loads easily and staples smoothly, without the tooth-rattling jolt of old-school models. 
  • Jumper cables are a must-have for the car or truck, but the JumpSmart 3-in-1 Portable Jump Starter goes a few steps beyond your dad's jumper cable set. The JumpSmart has a battery packing a charge powerful enough to juice up a large diesel engine, and it can be recharged again and again. An integrated torch with an SOS signal (and a few other settings) adds that element of safety in case you're stranded. 
  • This key organizer eliminates the noise and rattle of keys and makes it easy to grab the one you need at a moment's notice. 
  • Every wish you had an easier way to power-scrub your toughest messes? The Power Scrubber Brush takes elbow grease to a whole new level. Attach it to your power drill and watch grime disappear. 

Handy tools for Pinterest-worthy household projects

  • An easy-to-use handheld ruler and level-in-one makes hanging artwork and finishing DIY projects easier than ever. No more juggling a pencil, level, and a tape measure to get art and family portraits just so. 
  • Painting in tight spaces isn't exactly a walk in the park. But for the paint-happy person in your life, an innovative tight-space paint brush might be the game-changer they didn't know they needed. 
  • Stud finders can be notoriously finicky. Try a compact, easy-to-use that doesn't need batteries, cords, or calibration. Plus, it's made in the USA—a perfect gift for the all-American home improvement aficionado.

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High-tech solutions at the touch of a finger

  • The humble padlock just got a technological upgrade: a fingerprint scanner padlock gives you easy, non-fiddly access. A connected app allows you to unlock with your fingerprint, with a tapping rhythm you select, or by simply using the app. It's designed to be anti-shim and anti-pry for top-level security. 
  • Love rocking out to a live concert, but don't want hearing loss? Try high-fidelity earplugs that reduce the volume to a safe level without compromising audio quality. You can still carry a normal conversation while wearing. Genius. 
  • Sometimes you just need power to take on the road (or on the trails, or to a mountaintop). The River Mobile Power Station and Case packs a powerful punch. At less than 5 pounds, you'll have all the power you need to recharge a laptop, keep a mini fridge cooling, or even keep power tools running. Pair with another high-performing tech gadget for an unforgettable gift they'll never forget. 

Everyday carry tools to add to your grab-and-go routine

  • The BitVault Compact Screwdriver ensures you'll always have the tool you need to tighten up a loose screw. Carry as many as six bits with you in an anodized aluminum case or swap out a few of those bits for other small essentials you need to have on hand, like pills or an emergency $20.
  • Move over, traditional multitool. The PocketMonkey Deluxe operates as a brilliant repair tool set in the form of a rugged, 2mm stainless steel card that fits in a wallet. It doubles as multiple sizes of screwdrivers, hex wrenches, a ruler, a straightedge, a bottle opener, and more, and it's even TSA compliant—an effortless part of practically anyone's everyday carry. 
  • For a pocket or utility knife without the bulk, the RNGR Pocket Knife offers an easy solution. It's remarkably slim, free of nuts, bolts, and screws to loosen over time, and it weighs less than 2 ounces. Easily replace the blade as needed or pop it out of its base (no tools needed) if you're flying. 
  • Credit-card-sized pocket tools are always handy, and these Tuls Pocket Tools come in three designs to make sure you always have the tools you need on hand, whether you might need to tighten the spokes on a bicycle, size dowel or metal rods, or tighten bolts or hex nuts of different sizes.

To tackle your next DIY project, check out more handy tools every DIY-er should have on hand.